Master Padma said: There are many people who let their Dharma practice become superficial.

The lady asked: How is that?

The master said: it is superficial to chant the scriptures without having faith.

It is superficial to be altruistic without feeling compassion.

It is superficial to act generously without being free from stinginess.

It is superficial to be a tantrika who does not keep the samayas.

It is superficial to be a monk who does not keep the vows.

It is superficial to be noble without meditating.

It is superficial to have knowledge without practicing the Dharma.

It is superficial to engage oneself in a Dharma that does not possess the essence of practice.

It is superficial to teach others when one does not act in accordance with the Dharma oneself.

It is superficial to give advice that one does not follow oneself.

In any case, my ears are tired of listening to „learned“ people whose Dharma practice does not tame their own minds but who simply let it add disturbing emotions; whatever they say is nothing but superficial talk.


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