Karmapa: „Try to let go“

Every minute, every hour, every morning, every evening, every day, I know that you will all get distracted by many things. It’s normal, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just natural. But nevertheless, whenever you are aware, try to let go. And use whatever forms of practices you know. It can be as simple as just chanting a few mantras, it’s fine, use that as a tool to let go.

Let go in a way that it’s the natural thing to do, not in a way that it’s an unnatural thing to do. Often, when we try to let go of things we think and feel that it’s not natural – that there is something to hold on to.

And so therefore it becomes harder and harder and harder to let go, to a point where we cannot appreciate the practice after some time. Practice, it becomes the biggest burden in our lives! Why? Because deep down we feel that letting go is not natural.

We feel that it’s not natural to get sick. It’s not natural to die. It’s not natural for the seasons to change. It’s not natural to feel hot after feeling cold, or the opposite. And so therefore, we try to keep that experience longer, we try to postpone things, to push things further, to push the deadlines further.

And as a result, we have more and more and more pressure, up to a point to where no matter how many teachings we receive, no matter how many practices we do, no matter how many recitations of mantras we do, no matter how many prostrations we do, no matter how many charitable things we do, they all mean nothing. In fact, they become our biggest burden.

And this is how we will lose our way. That nothing works. No medicine works, no drugs work, no meditation works, no spirituality works, no friends work, no family works, nothing works. And we are left to a point where life means nothing. Nothing but pain. Up to a point where we even try to merge this idea that all life is pain, and what Buddha said – that life is suffering.

It is the most discouraging thing of all to happen. Because that’s not what Buddha was trying to say. What Buddha was trying to say was:  just try to let go. It’s not that life is real pain, that there is no point, no meaning at all. He said there is every meaning, but in order to find that meaning all we have to do is let go, let things be.


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